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I can hear you saying it already, what on earth is day in the life photography?

The simple answer is, I like to think of it as making the ordinary extraordinary.

We all do the dishes, some of us pick our kids toys up off the floor time and time again, and some of us run businesses or go to work day after day. But, all the while things are happening in your daily life that you will want to remember forever in an unforced and natural way.

Seeing your child laugh uncontrollably or when your kids dress up as Batman and Spiderman and pretend to fly off their beds are precious moments that you take for granted now, but when they are all grown up and flown the coup you will want something to remember those times…and that’s where I come in.

Unplanned and unscripted I will bring my camera and come and spend the day with you photographing your every move (well almost every move) and turn those moments into a story of your life…at least for that day.

If this sounds like your life, scroll down to the portfolio page to take a further look and don’t forget to GET IN TOUCH to book your day in the life session.

Day in the Life Photofilms

A day in the life of the Ricketts consisted of watching Batman and Spiderman jumping off their beds and daddy superhero tearing his trousers on a zip wire!

A day in the life of a nursery called Little Explorers in Hythe

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