Personal Projects


Being a photographer for a living is a sweet way to live I won’t lie, but like any other job you have to keep training and pushing yourself to do something different to make┬ásure you stay at the top of your game. So now and again I go on workshops, I regularly network with other photographers, but most importantly I make sure that I am always working on a project with personal interest.

At the moment I am working on A Season with the Wanderers which finishes in May and working through the 2000 photos I took in there Deep South of America at the back end of last year. Both these projects inspire me and make me push myself to try new things, which of course have a positive impact on my professional work, as well as give you guys something different to look at.

I hope you enjoy looking at the the galleries below as much as I did taking the photographs. I’d love to hear your feedback or even ideas for a new project, so get in touch and I can bore you with all my future plans and ideas.

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